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Oscar's Bio

Oscar was trained in the arts at an Italian academy di Napoli, there he received an encompassing flavor of training in sculpting, water colors, Oil paints, and Acrylic.
Oscar has produced numerous works mostly in oil on canvas, charcoal and some watercolors. His works can be found in collections in cities around the country including Washington D.C., New York, Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle and Honolulu. 

Oscar served proudly in the US Navy. He has owned, operated and was head chef in gourmet Italian restaurants in both Las Vegas and Clearwater, FL. One of his most important accomplishments has been raising his three wonderful children with his wife of 30 years.

Over his life, he has dabbled in the arts, but never had the time to paint like he would have liked to. Retirement and a move to Astoria, Oregon has allowed Oscar to be able to commit all of his time to his art.

Oscar believes that a human can acquire immortality in many different ways. The architect will draw his plans of a bridge or a building and even after he is gone people will still remember him for that. An actor will be remembered for his movies. A great chef will go down in history for his delicious food, people will remember the taste of his food even after he is gone. An artists painting or sculpture can also leave an imprint on peoples souls, and Oscar believes that this is a way of achieving a type of immortality.

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