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Energetic Art

Scalar Wave 111

Oscar's Energetic Art is not just paint on a canvas. Part of the process is to imprint the water in the paint with frequencies and intention . As the paint dries the frequencies semi-crystalize and transform into light. Oscar has spent over 25 years studying and experiencing the works and writings of Dr. Royal Rife, Nicola Tesla and Dr Emoto to name a few.

Dr. Emotos work showed that water has memory and consciousness. Dr. Emoto did an experiment where positive words were spoken to one bottle of water and negative words to another bottle. The two different waters were frozen. The water that was spoken to positively created beautiful ice crystals, while the other bottle created irregular and disturbed patterns in the ice.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

In order to execute this process, Oscar has equipped his art studio with a state of the art sound system and the use binaural audio files. Any number of frequencies may be used including 432hz and 528 hz, commonly called the love frequency. All frequencies, tones and music chosen are all based on frequencies of universal magnitude. These include the Solfeggio frequencies. Some frequencies are in a scalar form.

The result of Oscar's Energy art process of imprinting the paintings with specific frequencies yields a palpable experience for those who view these paintings. While the paintings themselves are wonderful, there is the x factor of quantum entanglement that really makes these paintings special.

Once the frequency of the painting has been chosen, Oscar allows himself to resonate to those frequencies spiritually and physically. That is when the painting begins and that is when the imprinting begins. He is then able, through his energy, to imprint the precise frequency or frequencies into the water of the paint on the canvas. As the paint dries the frequencies semi-crystalize and transform into light. Oscar then treats the finished paintings with liquid glass. The liquid glass acts as a lens that magnifies and emits the frequency indefinitely. After all, everything is frequencies.

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