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Confusion - Print
Confusion - Print
Confusion - Print
Confusion - Print

Confusion - Print

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This social statement piece delves into the world changed by the Corona Virus. The confusion and uncertainly are deftly rendered in this 18" x 24" Charcoal on canvas by Oscar de' Masi. One feels the chaos and change that everyone has had to deal with during these unusual times.

Full color print of "Confusion". All of our prints are matted with a white beveled matte, full backboard and are enclosed in a sealed crystalline sleeve.

 The frame is a wood frame with a black matte finish. Ready to hang in that special space! All you need is a hook or nail and your artwork is up and ready to enjoy!
The frames have plexi-glass so the prints are safer, and lighter to hang and handle!

 Print Size Matted Size

8" x 10" 11" x 14"
13" x 19" 18" x 24"

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